Our Team

We're a diverse, ambitious team united by our passion to create games that help kids stay healthy.

Core Team

Nikita Virani
Nikita Virani CEO Merrill Lynch World Health Organization Boston University Questrom
Dylan Agis
Dylan Agis Game Designer & Developer MassDiGI Cat Tsunami Becker College Game Dev
Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang UA & Strategic Growth Princeton University


Gregory Sawicki
Gregory Sawicki, MD, MPH Director, Cystic Fibrosis Center Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Ann Wu
Ann Wu, MD, MPH Children's Hospital pediatrician
Michael Pistiner
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc Harvard Vanguard pediatric allergist AllergyHome co-founder
Monty Sharma
Monty Sharma Managing Director at Mass Digi

Special Thanks

Wizdy Pets
Wizdy Pets Asthma
Carmen Ng
Carmen Ng Animator Vancouver ACM Siggraph RISD Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design
Chris O'Connor
Chris O'Connor Artist Behaviour Interactive Team Aurora Space & Dream
Michael Veloso
Michael Veloso Music Composer Fantasia: Music Evolved New England Conservatory
Wizdy Diner
Wizdy Diner Food Allergies
Michael Veloso
Paige Coblentz Artist / Animator Cat Tsunami - MassDiGI BareTreeMedia Rhode Island School of Design
Xiaoan Li
Xiao'an Li Music Composer American Greetings East Cost Scoring Berklee College of Music