Autism Disorder in Children Due To Full-Body Interaction Video Games

In the present technological world, many games are being available easily. There have been a lot of free online games available. Also, some paid games are present which are highly interactive are present in this automated and digitalized world. There may be various modes of games. Some games are based on action, some are puzzle games and some are strategy games. There are also many modes of gaming like single-player and multiplayer games. There are also some proactive games that tickle the solving capacity of our minds and us.

There are many story-based games that are highly addictive in nature and they try to sometimes give a moral too. This is a good sign that many of the game developers are trying to develop certain games that allow the users or the so-called gamers to put some mind into them.

Even though the presence of violence in the games is a bit high this is to be curbed. It all depends on the individual to choose the games. If good games are chosen it might help the all-round development of one’s own individual personality.

Also, there are games where suspense factor is involved too which might help in logical thinking. These so-called logical driven games are highly recommended for many. Even though there are some people who do not play games it is highly suggestible to them that to improve logical thinking it would be helpful enough. With the modernization, there is also improvement in games too.

There are various games that are being developed where the persons’ motions are continuously captured so that these are used in the gameplay. Previously we used to have a console where we used to interact through joysticks. Also, play stations come under these such that they fit in the palm and the game can be played easily using a compact disc. But with the improvement of technology, we can see a small Bluetooth like device is kept with us and a weapon like things are given to us.

For example, when a sword was given in a real-time and when we start hitting a mango imagining that it is right in front of us, there would be an LED screen and the coming object interacts in the way we enact. Such a level of motion capture games is being brought into the market. We can see these in various shopping malls too. Mainly the companies like SONY is manufacturing the gameplay on a real-time basis based on artificial technology. This can be used in a very constructive manner by humans rather than turning it into addiction and make it useful even to cure diseases.

Consider that even diseases like Autism can be cured by these wearable gaming platforms. Autism is a rear disease in children at a very young age. It is a very rear genetic disease and mostly seen across western countries and children lack the ability to learn on their own. It is a disease where children lack the behavioral patterns and also, they could not have proper cognitive skills and could also not perceive anything a bit properly.

The cure for this is not still found properly in a manner where the child could have a complete ability to learn on their own. So, various training centers are present in numerous areas that train these disabled children by showing them various things. So recently these real-time games where complete body involvement is present it helps to some extent the Autism disorder. How Technology is Changing the Way Kids Play? These games to some extent help these children to learn various behavioral patterns and try to teach them how to learn. As both visual and musical interactions are present in these games it is being highly recommended to inculcate these video games.