Benefits of Video Games: Learning, Health, Social Benefits, Review Finds

Playing video games has been a very integral aspect and part of the lives of both young as well as to even adults. It has been a long battle to curb these aspects of playing video games and recreation through these so-called online games. It has also been a very important aspect that we all want to overcome. The main aspect and reason why we try to feel awful about stop playing video games are that they feel like it evaporates unknowingly our precious time. It feels like it acts as a disturbance to our daily chores and errands.

All these preconceived notions are part of our life when it comes to the aspect of playing games. Also, we are very much pressurized daily by our friends and family persuading us to stop allowing us to play video games continuously. There are also certain dubious distinctions existing such that the strain to eyes is very heavy and there are also many health complexities that are existing in the long run and these effects being very destructive in nature.

Also, we have a feeling that it is not at all good effects that come with playing video games continuously. There might be a certain level of insecurity existing in parents who see their children playing video games continuously. Also, there is a certain loss of hope in parents as they see their children playing video games and addicted to it in a way that is irrevocable for them to bring back their children to a normal state. The main aspect that is to be considered here is that in some sense there is some righteousness in the worry that the parents are feeling in the aspect of the addiction of their children into video games.

Certain researches which are in the age-old period’s state that the level of addiction could lead to a decrease in the capability of vision and also mind maturity would be decreasing due to the continuous play and no study. Also, there might be various surveys existing that state that in the long run, the growth of the mind seems to be very less to the children compared to those who are playing a video game and to those compared to whom the children are not playing video games at all.

Also, the level of uncertainty of their success in life is also visualized in the day to day activities in which the playing of video games is very high and is immensely dominated. All such surveys are done previously to show that there are many ill effects of playing video games by the young children in the growing age.

A recent study by some research institutes revealed a completely different fact from the survey that playing video games would highly enhance cognitive skills. Also, the study stated that with high-level strategy-based games the creative thinking of the brain is enhanced.

This makes it a point that the playing of video games on a daily basis would help in increasing the creative thinking skills in the long run. You can also see: How Technology Is Changing the Way Kids Play?. It would also be understood from this that the level of uncertain brain working is prevented as the activity of the complete brain is stimulated. So, this study tested a number of individuals on various skills and shocked to see the results.

It showed that people who are playing video games are highly skilled and are being able to solve many mathematical problems on a high-speed basis compared to students who do not play video games at all. So, by this, we can understand that a small number of video games would help in improving skills to us and if stayed in limits everything works well.