How Technology is Changing the Way Kids Play?

In this contemporary world, there is a huge difference between the man and the computer. It has become something like both humans and machines. With such a scenario existing in the present world, it has nearly become adamant that the mode of usage of any object for any work has been continuously and rigorously being related and integrated with technology. Such a level of ingestion of technology has to be confused about being a good sign or a bad sign. The question continuously arises where is technology becoming a boon or a bane.

Keeping all these aside and thinking now. As an adult in the competitive world, it is quite impossible and reluctant for the prevention of usage of technology in the job world. But even the children of today are continuously being on the internet and accessing gadgets continuously till the whole day is complete. It is because the parents themselves try to induce this technology and gadgets like cellphones, tablets, etc. on them. They feel like their children or kids are great and usage of technology at a young age is something like stature to them.

All this is being started by the so-called parents themselves only. A recent study found that at a young are accessing certain digital platforms and all the technology-related stuff by the kids and children is mainly influenced by the parents themselves by sixty percent. The rest of it is mainly due to relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The main reason being parents is that they themselves are addicted to the technical stuff and encouraging children to use it continuously. The main aspect here is that the daily routine of the children and kids is being disturbed with this kind of technology. This has a huge influence on the cognitive benefits of the kids.

The disruption of the technology into the lives of humans makes it huge damage. The main aspect to be taken into consideration here is that the level of addiction that is existing in the present kids. The main effect of this is that it might likely to influence the long-term health of the kid. Without even considering all such post effects of using the technology many educators, parents, and friends try to make the kids use them.

Even for studying benefits the usage and relying on digital scenarios and gadgets are becoming high. The quality of education is highly being neglected. The parents try to buy various gadgets and make them available to the kids and encourage them to use them. This is turning into a huge addiction in a long run and completely ruining the life of the kid.

In the olden days, kids used to play in the fields with their contemporaries. This also tried to make the most of the physical activity day by day. Also, many kids used to be proactive and participated in various types of sports Outdoor games were the only mode of entertainment in the past olden days. But now the scenario is completely changed with a huge amount of change. It is equivalent to the generation gap that led to a devastating result. Mainly in this contemporary technology, the kids are playing various online games. Also, have a look Is Your Child Addicted To Video Games? What to do about it?

The present generation which is famously known as millennials is completely online all along the day. They access various gaming platforms and try to play continuously until the batteries drain out. It was becoming a huge sigh of disappointment that kids are not at all involving themselves in the outdoor sports activities that involve them physically. The online games being addictive in nature they became virtual gamers and are completely involved in such games rather than playing football, cricket, etc. So, this way technology has influenced the playing of games and recreation for kids.