Know Here About the Law That Makes Watching Pirated Movies Illegal

Pirated content is illegal according to the law. As it is against the copyright act, it also results in the loss of the Moviemaker, such as Director, Producer, and other Artists. Also, it is not limited to harm only the moviemaker but it also affects the Junior Artist and other Artists. Movie piracy is so popular, as there is an ample number of torrent sites available that basically have the pirated content.

The platform like BitTorrent and uTorrent are the one that supports piracy up to the large extents, such sites have thousands of user, and such pirated content get a high number of downloads. One such torrent site is isaimini dubbed movies which has a massive collection of pirated movies, in Hindi, English, and other languages. It has a movie collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood.

Such a torrent site is not only limited to the movies, but they also provide other video content such as Web Series, Tv-series, Awards, and much more. The user can download the videos in different video quality and formats. It provides unlimited downloading free of cost, it is the main reason why it has a high number of users. Also, such site leaks recent release movies.

According to the Cinematography Act 1952, using copyrighted content without authorization is strictly prohibited, and allowing such content for downloading violates the law. Such sites have a huge collection for download. The piracy has updated, and they are now providing the content and providing the video in HD quality, on various sites, and with so many torrent sites piracy has become more vast.

It also allows the user to request for the movies, also such sites got banned various times by the government and they always come up with the new address. Its content is unauthorized and illegal in nature. Copyright prevents the intellectual property from being pirated, although still the movies and other video content get used by the unauthorized platform, they frequently got banned.

Websites that have pirate content are the most popular. It shows that such sites have a high number of users. The government encouraged internet service providers or the ISPs to block such sites that are breaking the law, but most of the users access such sites through the VPN or the virtual private networks.


Hence, piracy is an act that involves the recording of the movies or other video content without authorization from the owner of the intellectual property. According to the cinematography act, 1952, using such content is strictly prohibited, and the torrent site works against such law. Previously piracy was done through simply recording the video content, but now it has updated and the pirated content comes in the good HD quality. By the copyright act and the film and cinematography act, piracy is an illegal activity in many countries, and if the person goes against it and got caught, then they have to go through the punishment.