What Goes Up And Never Goes Down

What Goes Up And Never Goes Down

Since the Lockdown began, some people have found it difficult to keep themselves busy and pass their time. Eventually, after getting used to the quarantine, we came up with creative ideas like board games, quizzes, dance, music, and riddles to entertain ourselves. For all those who want entertainment by just sitting and chilling around, riddles are their thing.

Nowadays, we get to see a lot of exciting riddles that get shared frequently by users on social media. What Goes Up And Never Goes Down is one of these famous classic riddles that is a little difficult to crack. And that’s why you tried searching for its answer.

What Goes Up And Never Goes Down

For those who have heard it before, you must be quick to shout its answer; however, it might confuse you for those who are new.

Think for some while and give it a thought. The first thought that comes to your mind is there is no such physical object that can defy gravity and come down. So is it still a physical object, or an abstract thing, or an idea? You have this!

Well, the answer is Age.

All other things can come down after a point, but Age is something that will constantly increase

Hence, Age is something that goes up and never goes down. It’s somewhat like a classic old joke. However, it’s as yet worth inquiring as to whether they can get it since you know the appropriate response.