What Has Ears But Cannot Hear?

What Has Ears But Cannot Hear?

Riddles are getting popular these days and “what has ears but cannot hear” is no exception to it. Many people are clueless about the answer to this amazing riddle. If you are one of them then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the right answer. “I have ears but cannot hear” riddle are best to keep the minds busy and have fun.

Riddles like what has to be broken before you can use. It can also be very helpful for your mental health. And will improve the cognitive function of your brain.

Answer: Corn

So, corn is the right answer for the riddle “what has ears but cannot hear. Because every corn in the cornfield has one or two ears but it can’t hear. Now you know what has ears but can’t hear a thing.

To solve this riddle, one would need to be a brilliant observer. And needs to have a good memory. Both the skills would come in handy in solving riddles like what has ears but don’t listen.

To understand this riddle better you can observe the corn if you haven’t already done that. If you see the corn, you will notice one or two leaves coming out from the side. So, that’s it those are the ears of the corn. And that’s the answer for the riddle “what has ears but can’t listen”.