What Has To Be Broken Before You Can Use It?


It’s not something intricate, just a right answer to an easy question like what has to be broken before it can be used? Riddle is just an analytical question that is to be answered. Tough mysteries and Riddles entitle your brain to boost your thinking, engagement, and tolerance.

Although, such riddles seem to be a bugbear at the start of the question. Talking about the common riddle, what has to be broken before it can be used, can you think of something that Is more useful when it is broken? Weird! why would you think of breaking something to use it?

Although, the answer is present in the riddle itself. To find the answer to this riddle is to comprehend the meaning behind the “broken” word. Here broken doesn’t mean the object is damaged. Rather, think of something that can only work or be used when you break it. You can also get answers to other riddles likes what has ahead a tail is brown and has no legs.

So, this can help you sort the huge list of objects fighting each other.

If you’re still blank, the answer with a proper explanation is here-

The correct Riddle is An Egg!

As the spoiler was given before that the answer is hidden in the question iteslf. You need to follow and hold to the points that you’re missing. The simple point in the riddle, what has to be broken before it can be used was, you need to break the egg before making something with it.