Why WhatsApp users recommending Signal App to Family & Freinds

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging service app that has now become the primary app, and a must-have application. It is one of the best messaging service applications, it has billions of active users. There are various modded versions of this app that offer more services and have no restriction, one of such modded apps is GB WhatsApp which is a cracked version of WhatsApp and developed by the third party.

Furthermore, it is totally free of cost, and it is a highly versatile app as it offers frequent updates and has added more features. This app works freely and has no limitations and restrictions like the original app. This modded app is accessible on Android devices as well as on Windows PC.

Apart from this, the modded version provides more features such as a huge catalogue of themes, emoticons, stickers and much more, along with the high privacy options such as you can hide the status view option and so secretly view the status.

It also allows you to add more participants to the group video and voice calls. The third-party apps are illegal, and nature and such apps are further developed by the third party.

WhatsApp users are pushing family members to signal due to privacy concerns. The users are now freaking out after the release of WhatsApp’s new privacy policies. The updated privacy policies include details like how WhatsApp data could be shared and used.

The majority of the users thought that the changes in privacy policies say that WhatsApp could read the users messages and also listen to the calls and get track of the users. This messaging app was founded in 2014 and now it is accessible by billions of active users.

Further, WhatsApp said that they cannot get the personal stuff of the users and read the user’s messages, as the messaging service is end to end encrypted, and privacy policies are made for expanding the ability of the app with Facebook.


Hence due to the misconception about the privacy policies, people are switching from WhatsApp to other messaging apps. Also, WhatsApp has billions of active users, as it is a bit difficult to boycott it completely, and so people are pushing their family members to use Signal which is also a messaging application, but it is very much different and it lacks in providing various features.